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Facilitating Leadership on All Levels

Effective leaders have effective leadership teams. Developing these teams into a single, strong and cohesive unit is crucial. Atlantic’s expertise in coaching building leaders encompasses not only the mastering of instruction, but also the support of building leaders to create dynamic leadership teams.


School leadership is a crucial necessary component to overall building success and student achievement. The principal is the building leader but needs a team approach and a support system in place to drive achievement and adequately maintain a school building. It is important that building leaders are able to readily identify and improve upon their academic skill sets, leadership abilities, and management protocols.


If teachers are to help every child achieve success, they must have the benefit of a professional development system that is tailored to their needs and designed to enhance their practice. Teachers can change students’ lives, and the complexity of their work demands the best professional development possible.

School Board

A school system is only as effective as its governing board. It is vital that the board is operating efficiently and effectively with district leadership and supports all tiers of the school system to provide foundational and advanced strategies to improve student achievement and outcomes.


Atlantic has worked as strategic and instructional partner to school principals in urban, rural and suburban districts. Research continues to demonstrate that a school’s success or failure is immensely dependent upon the quality and competency of its leaders. Principals are compelled to be effective not just instructionally but in terms of human capital leadership. We deepen their understanding each plays in aligning his or her efforts to the mission, vision and goals of the school community.

We offer coaching provided by professionals who have a demonstrated track record of improving school performance. Our coaches are steeped in hands-on knowledge of the complexities all principals face. Our coaches work directly alongside principals to:

  • Support and guide the development of crucial leadership habits and processes
  • Evaluate data, systems and processes to determine the most powerful levers to improve student outcomes
  • Strengthen their instructional leadership
  • Build high-performing school leadership teams

We also offer coaching for cohorts of principals within one school district or network of charter schools. We analyze leadership needs and current practices through a thorough needs assessment. With client input, we customize professional development for the cohort, followed by individual coaching.


Atlantic provides instructional coaching to teachers and teacher teams. We have worked with new and veteran teachers to:

  • Design lesson plans to meet new content standards
  • Co-teach lessons
  • Implement effective instructional and classroom management strategies
  • Analyze data to enable teachers to make mid-course corrections and ultimately improve student performance

We believe that transforming educator quality is crucial to improving  teaching and learning. We operate on the premise that it is imperative that teachers have the capacity to plan, implement, and assess high-quality instruction in order to affect student achievement.

We also work with building administrators to identify and develop teacher leaders, building internal capacity to drive a cycle of continued improvement.

School Board

Atlantic’s team has been a trusted partner to school boards, superintendents and administrative teams across the country, resulting in increased student achievement for all students, and increased employee and community engagement.

Atlantic supports the development of effective Board/Superintendent/cabinet relations to optimize the capacity and collective performance of the school board and administrative team by:

  • Reviewing and/or establishing ground rules or standards of practice for a productive, student-focused working relationship
  • Clarifying effective Board/Superintendent communication protocol
  • Developing and facilitating meaningful Board self-evaluation instruments and processes
  • Advising Board on procedures to enhance Board meeting productivity, user-friendliness and efficiency
  • Reviewing and/or creating effective results-driven Superintendent performance evaluation based on clear definitions of district success and agreed-upon metrics
  • Reviewing and/or establishing robust Board/District community involvement and communication processes

Drawing on our decades of experience in shaping and executing district strategic plans, we support boards by:

  • Developing cohesive vision, and  belief system
  • Facilitating planning processes, and developing measurable action plans for all level of the organization

School Boards have chosen Atlantic as a trusted facilitator capable of:

  • Deepening the leadership capacity of school board and central office administrators to work for teachers and students
  • Facilitating continuous improvement processes to examine and enhance customer experiences in encounters with the district from Board meetings, visits to schools and interactions with staff throughout the district

They have asked us to work with them and their communities to make informed decisions:

  • around facility utilization
  • Equitable instructional resource distribution
  • Superintendent and executive cabinet searches