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Data Driven Instruction

Our work is acutely tailored to address specific needs–often hidden–at even the highest performing schools and districts. We recognize that collaborative involvement of school and district leaders and teachers themselves is crucial to building sustainable change.

Consequently, collaboration, professionalism, respectfulness and sensitivity are critical components of each Atlantic partnership.

Using a Data-Driven Approach

Through a data-driven approach and instructional framework, Atlantic’s team assesses organizational needs to provide customized solutions and practices that help achieve academic excellence for all students.

Our support is designed to ensure a comprehensive strategy to create highly impactful and sustainable processes that meets the needs for all students, educators and community stakeholders.

Educators receive in-depth expertise and support to improve their schools and learn critical data and instructional leadership and management skills.

Our Impact

Decreasing At-Risk Students

At-Risk students are defined as those who perform in the 35th percentile or less on nationally-normed assessments. At Atlantic, our data-driven accountability strategy, aligned with our districts’ instructional support, led to a dramatic reduction in the percentage of at-risk students.

  • 25% Decrease seen in SY 14 25%
  • 34% Decrease seen in SY 13 34%
  • 32% Decrease seen in SY 14 32%
  • 42% Decrease seen in SY 13 42%

Rapid Student Performance Increase

Atlantic’s support on use of personalized growth targets for students, combined with customized data tools for instructional coaching within school leadership led high student growth.

  • 63% Student Growth seen in SY 16 63%
  • 48% Average CPS Growth in SY 16 48%
  • 59% Student Growth seen in SY 16 59%
  • 52% Average CPS Growth in SY 16 52%

A combination of customized analytical tools and targeted teacher professional development support increased student achievement by
in Math in 2014; significantly higher than district averages.

“The Atlantic team is a group of trusted advisors who have provided incredible support to the leadership team in assessing our community demands and needed supports through analyses of academic and non-academic data. The recommendations addressed the community needs and helped us make better decisions around equitable access of instructional resources.”

Theresa A. Baca

Chief of Staff, Santa Fe Public Schools

“Working with Atlantic Research Partners this year helped us tremendously.  Through personalized data review sessions, they helped us identify focus areas to push our students to the highest levels of success.  They tailored our sessions in way that developed our leadership around data driven instruction.  The team at Atlantic is dedicated to student success, and they served as great thought partners to help us make decisions around instructional strategy to best reach all learners.  They are truly driven to create data products that greatly improve personalized learning!”

Colleen Collins

Assistant Director, Distinctive Schools, Chicago