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Outstanding Educators Needed to Lead Our Nation’s Schools Systems

The mission of the National Superintendents Academy is to identify, develop, and support a new generation of outstanding leaders for America’s school systems who will provide our children with the skills they need to live as successful adults in a world of global competition.

National Superintendents Academy graduates will be highly sought after for their capacity to transform the culture of systems and school, to dramatically improve student achievement, and to close the achievement gaps.

The National Superintendents Academy program was established to prepare new leaders, address the looming leadership deficit, and provide a focused alternative or supplement to traditional superintendent training/certification programs. Our comprehensive leadership development program will prepare educational leaders for the academic, political, legal, and logistical rigors inherent to K-12 education.

The National Chief Academic Officer (CAO) Academy was created based on the understanding and belief that effective district leadership is paramount to school success and requires a new system for preparing and supporting today’s CAOs. Our academy program includes tactical, research-based, data-given strategies tailored to the specific role of CAO.

Principal’s Academy Coming Soon

Principal's AcademyGiven the impact our Superintendent Academies are having on school improvement and student achievement, our school partners have asked Atlantic to develop a Principal’s Academy. This Academy will offer a dynamic alternative leadership preparation program for sitting principals — one that can fill the gaps of traditional preparation programs by focusing on skills needed to drive and maintain student achievement, and one that is provided at scale across the country.

Like our Superintendent and CAO Academies, The Principal’s Academy will be a fully customized academy for K-12 principals. It’s designed to provide timely, relevant, and research-based curricula to increase the capacity of current building leaders. Taught by urban principals with a track record of success, The Academy allows for District principals to more quickly improve upon their academic skill sets, leadership abilities, and management protocols. And, more importantly, to understand how their ongoing development fits within the mission, vision and goals of their district.

Our Impact

We pride ourselves on the excellent feedback we’ve received from former academy cohort members. Below is a sampling of testimonials we recently received. For more feedback on individual sessions visit our Session Highlights from 2016 >>

“I have heard and received my calling to be a Superintendent. I will be better prepared to seek and secure the Superintendent’s seat from the guidance of Atlantic’s National Superintendents Academy.”

Cohort Member

“It was valuable to see different superintendent entry plans and then be able to ask them questions about the execution of the plans, and what went right and what went wrong.”

Cohort Member

“I have greatly appreciated all of our superintendent panel members we have had over the 10-day session. Their honesty and reflections made me realize the enormous opportunity I was given to meet these superintendents and educational leaders.”

Cohort Member

“I learned about the most powerful levers to pull when juxtaposing budget cuts and the need to improve student performance. Going forward, instead of doing budgeting in silos, our strategic plan will lead to customized decisions we make about resource allocation.”

Cohort Member

“I have been fighting, most of my career that little voice in my head that keeps pushing me to be a Superintendent because I didn’t think I could…but thanks to this Academy, I can’t ignore my inner voice or heart any longer! I want to be a Superintendent and I want to give my all in doing so!”

Cohort Member

“The networking with my peers far exceeded any expectations I had coming into Atlantic’s National Superintendents Academy. The support of the Master Teachers and Faculty has helped me move forward in my educational journey and will continue to do so for years to come!”

Cohort Member

“I understand where I have leadership gaps now. I need to sure up my competence with budget and strategic finance planning.”

Cohort Member

“It helped me understand the importance of systematically reflecting on my values and being intentional about communicating them.”

Cohort Member

“Atlantic’s National Superintendents Academy has changed my life. I know what I have been called to do in life!”

Cohort Member