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Spring 2018: San Francisco

National Superintendents

Recap of The Spring 2017 San Francisco Cohort

Our Spring 2017 National Superintendents Academy cohort met this past Spring with participants coming from across the country including California, Ohio, Arizona, and New Jersey to name a few. The cohort covered several topics over the 2-Day session including ‘Peak Performing Leadership’ and ‘Great 360-Degree School District Leaders’. Dr. Peter Gorman lead the session’s as the Cohort’s Master Teacher.

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Session 1 - February 15-16
Session 2 - March 8-9
Session 3 - April 19-20
Session 4 - May 10-11
Session 5 - May 31 - June 1

Featured Members of the 2017 San Francisco Cohort

Zachary Robbins


Clark County

Tauheedah Baker

Exec. Dir.

Paulo Freire

Jim D'Agostino

Exec. Dir.

Orange Co.

Markay Winston


Dayton Public

San Francisco 2017 Cohort Graduate Demographics

While the demographics of each cohort class is different, one thing remains constant: we consistently bring high-performing executives together. This Spring 2017 our National Superintendent Academy cohort members, with varied executive roles, brought a substantial level of diversity to our Academy. 44% of cohort members this session are from out of state, alone. Most traveling thousands of miles to experience our influential program for themselves. Over half of our attendees work with districts serving over 10,000+ students.

Cohort Members


Cohort Members


Student District


  • Asst. / Assoc. Superintendent 31%
  • Chief of Schools/Staff 19%
  • Executive Director 12%
  • Principal 13%
  • Chief Academic Officer 3%
  • Other 22%

“I developed an understanding of the scope of the preparation work to get ready to be a superintendent. I developed an appreciation of the importance of developing relationships with others who share or can support my work. I am excited about the learning and growth that I am experiencing.”

Cohort Member

Chicago Fall Cohort 2017

“I’ve learned that leadership is about loving others, less superintendent you act, the better off you are, the closer you get to the top, more of a shadow you cast.”

Cohort Member

Chicago Fall Cohort 2017

“The networking with my peers far exceeded any expectations I had coming into Atlantic’s National Superintendents Academy. The support of the Master Teachers and Faculty has helped me move forward in my educational journey and will continue to do so for years to come!”

Cohort Member

Spring 2016, San Francisco

“The sharing of Capstone Projects with colleagues and walking through the data and action steps gave me great strategies to implement in my own district.”

Cohort Member

Fall 2016-17, Chicago

Academy Topics

The National Superintendents Academy curriculum will be a coherent program with all elements focused on preparing transformative superintendents who can build accountable, high-performing school systems. The following are key topics of the Academy.

System Leadership
  • Understanding and articulating a personal leadership vision, values, story, and strengths as related to the role of superintendent
  • Role-playing activities where cohort members have to assume the role of Superintendent
  • Developing and implementing a theory of action that will result in an effective school system
  • Developing an effective leadership team and organization structure
Communication and Political Skills
  • Developing the political skills required to orchestrate needed changes and survive in the role
  • Developing the communication skills needed to engage the staff and community in a coalition for district transformation
  • Establishing strategies that will establish and maintain a productive working relationship with the board
Innovation in School Systems
  • Utilizing technology and partner organizations to bring technology into classrooms
  • Ensuring our districts, schools, teachers and students are prepared to be using technology effectively
Finance & Budget
  • Understanding the superintendent’s role and responsibilities in developing and implementing a budget
  • Identifying strategies to increase revenue streams
  • Developing a dynamic system to best leverage resources
Politics of the Superintendency
  • Understanding the superintendent’s role in local, regional, state and national politics
  • Identifying strategies to manage  local, regional, state and national politics
Accountability for Student Success
  • Understanding the superintendent’s role and responsibilities in developing a highly effective and accountable learning organization
  • Identifying strategies to transform the culture of an organization from one of adult entitlement to one centered on student achievement
  • Developing a dynamic district plan and performance management system
  • Driving optimal organizational accountability through use of performance data and information technology
  • Creating strategies for effectively aligning a district’s standards, curriculum, instruction, assessments, and professional development
  • Aligning the district’s budget and budgeting processes to support achievement of the district’s plan
Career Management
  • Preparing to participate in a superintendent search process
  • Preparing to successfully enter a superintendency with an effective plan of entry that sets the stage for long term success
Leading Learning
  • Understanding the superintendent’s role and responsibilities in developing a highly effective and accountable instructional system
  • Identifying strategies to transform teaching and learning
  • Developing a dynamic instructional delivery strategies
  • Driving optimal organizational accountability systems to drive academic growth
Board, Superintendent and the Community
  • Understanding the superintendent’s role and responsibilities in developing positive relations with the board of education and external community
  • Identifying strategies to create and maintain systems of communication with the Board, The Community and Internal Stakeholders