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Fall 2016 Cohort Graduation

Highlights From Some of Our Past Sessions

The mission of the National Superintendents Academy is to identify, develop, and support a new generation of outstanding leaders for America’s school systems who will provide our children with the skills they need to live as successful adults in a world of global competition.


The series of sessions will prepare cohort members to:

Understand the superintendent’s role and responsibilities as it pertains to the advancement of the school district

Understand the superintendent’s role in local, regional, state and national politics

Establish strategies that will enhance the administrative workflow and increase productivity

Understand and articulate a personal leadership vision, values, story, and strengths as related to the role of superintendent

Navigate and develop positive relations with the board of education and external community

Develop a working relationship with the board that will benefit the school and community, alike

National Superintendents Academy
Fall 2016 | Session 4

Our main focus in Session 4 was accountability for student success and transformational leadership for schools in need of significant improvement, including: understanding the superintendent’s role and responsibilities in developing a highly effective and accountable learning organization. In addition, the group focused on developing political skills required to orchestrate needed changes and establish longevity in the role. Looking forward to Session 5, on January 20th and 21st, where we will honor our Fall 2016 Cohort with a proper graduation ceremony.

National Superintendents Academy
Fall 2016 | Session 3

The main focuses were the superintendent and student safety, best practice in district communications, including using social media, political mapping as a tool for coalition-building, the superintendent interview process and the superintendent’s contract. Special Agent James Buck of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security gave an informative and startling presentation, and spoke about the number of programs and resources that are available to school districts to better educate students, their families and staff members. We had a professional photographer on site to supply cohort members with an updated head shot for their portfolio. After the Mock Interviews were completed, Atlantic Research Partners’ Chairman, David Sundstrom joined us to review the Superintendent Contract Negotiation process.

National Superintendents Academy
Fall 2016 | Session 2

Topics surrounded vision, mission, and goal setting along with best practices in governance. Dr. Peter Gorman, our Managing Director of Academies served as our Master Teacher along side former Sacramento City USD Superintendent, Dr. Jonthan Raymond. Dr. Gorman led discussions surrounding goal setting, strength/weakness analysis, and governance to name a few to kick off our first day. We closed the day with a Superintendent Practitioner with fellow graduate, Mary Havis. Here you can see a picture of Dr. Gorman facilitating a discussion with Mary regarding ‘Entering the Superintendency.’ Mary has recently been appointed as the Superintendent of District 100 in Illinois, and was able to her journey from teacher all the way up to Superintendent which resonated very closely with the cohort.

National Superintendents Academy
Fall 2016 | Session 1

Participants from across the country including Colorado, New York, Louisiana, Texas, and Florida focused on ‘Peak Performing Leadership’ and ‘Great 360-Degree School District Leaders.’ Dr. Vincent Matthews joined us for our first session as a Master Teacher along with Dr. Peter Gorman. Dr. Matthews is currently the State Administrator for Inglewood USD, and former Superintendent of San Jose USD. Topics included the Superintendency, working with your board, and showed many adversities a growing Superintendent goes through.

National Superintendents Academy
Fall 2015 | Session 4

Our January session was kicked off with a different look into the world of assessment from President & CEO of Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA), Matt Chapman. Matt brought a unique approach to the cohort that triggered an engaging experience for the group. Another quest speaker included, Founder & CEO of CAM Achievement, Tom McDowell. Tom joined us to speak with the group on Special Education topics surrounding compliance, inclusion, and achievement. Other session topics included: implementing change successfully and discussing The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team.

National Superintendents Academy
Fall 2015 | Session 2

An important part of becoming a Superintendent is being able to share you leadership story with your Board, colleagues, peers, and fellow cohort members. The Academy helps prepare you in sculpting that story, to make it your own as part of self-branding. Several of our participants shared theirs with our Superintendent’s Panel including Dr. Jim Hager and Dr. Jeffrey Young.