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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the National Superintendent's Academy?

The National Superintendents Academy is a national leadership development program established to prepare individuals to serve as America’s next generation of superintendents and school district leaders.

What’s the format for each of the Academies?

Each academy program will be provided in five two-day sessions over the period of five consecutive months. We typically offer a Spring and Fall Cohort. In addition, the program includes up to seven days of online and independent study work.

There are only two cohorts a year. How large is each cohort?

Cohorts typically run between 30-45 members, applications will be screened, and selection limited to individuals with the capacity to be outstanding transformational leaders.

How will The National Superintendents Academy experience be different from other superintendent training programs?

A Relevant, Coherent Curriculum

All components of the program are focused on developing the capacity for transformative leadership to improve student achievement. The program will be heavily case-based, with a combination of whole-group, small-group, and individual learning activities in each session.

Experienced, Successful Faculty

The program will be taught by a cadre of experienced leaders of school systems, charter or private schools, or private sector organizations—all of whom have been highly successful in raising organizational performance and positively affecting organizational culture.

Individual Learning Plans

Each participant will complete an initial assessment and then have an individualized learning plan to guide their independent work during the program; program materials will be electronically accessible for participant use.

Post-Graduation Support

Graduates will receive support from The National Superintendents Academy through the placement process and will have access to quality support services through their first full year on the job.

Why was the National Superintendents Academy Developed?

America is at an economic crossroads. Our children and grandchildren will have a bright future only if we provide them with a superior K-12 education. Outstanding district leaders are needed to transform our nation’s school systems to systems of high performance and achievement. At the same time, there will be an unprecedented number of superintendents retiring or leaving the profession within the next five years. This provides an opportunity for a new generation of reform-minded leaders to spearhead America’s resurgence in the field of K-12 education. The National Superintendents Academy program was established to prepare these new leaders and to provide a focused alternative or supplement to traditional superintendent training and certification programs.

Who should participate in The National Superintendents Academy?

Participation in The National Superintendents Academy will benefit outstanding:

  • Prospective superintendents who will be pursuing a superintendency as their next career move
  • K-12 leaders who are part of the superintendency as current members of the executive leadership team
  • Charter and private school system leaders
  • Proven executives from the private sector, military, and other not-for-profit organizations
Can I get college credit for participation? Will participation apply toward State Certification for the Superintendency?

Up to three graduate credit hours through a partnering university may be granted for academy participation. Students would need to register with the university to receive this credit. The certification requirements in every state are different. While we cannot guarantee that successful participation in The National Superintendents Academy will apply toward certification in your state, we can, however, guarantee that it will better prepare you for success in the role of superintendent.

How much will it cost to participate in The National Superintendents Academy?

Thanks to sponsorship by various public and private sources, National Superintendents Academy participants will only be responsible for own travel and lodging arrangements, and an academy fee which includes meals and program materials. All other costs will be offset through the generosity of foundations and private sector sponsors. The 2016 “early bird” registration fee is $3,275. The registration fee goes up to $3,500 after January 1st.

Can my school district cover some or all of my tuition fees?

Many cohort members have some or all of their tuition fees covered by their respective school district via continuing education. Typically, it’s on a district by district basis.

How do I apply for the National Superintendents Academy?

Please visit the Application Page on our website and complete the corresponding form or click the button below. Someone will be in contact with you regarding next steps.